The Center for Theoretical and Evolutionary Genetics
The Center for Theoretical Genetics is a group of researchers at UC Berkeley focussed on studying genetics and evolution using both theoretical and emprical approaches. Affiliated research groups span across many different departments and welcome participation from researchers across the local community and beyond.
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Our commitment to anti-racism and fostering equality and diversity
The CTEG community denounces racism, intolerance, injustice, and oppression of any form. We affirm that Black Lives Matter and acknowledge that racial injustice is pervasive throughout this country as well as the halls of higher education and research. We commit to actively seeking to create a supportive and respectful environment and to fight against and oppose intolerance in all aspects of our work at Berkeley and beyond. We pledge to continue to educate ourselves and to hold each other accountable. No person is free of predjudice and we view this as a statement of intent that we will strive to continuously improve, advocate, and learn with and from each other.